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Tribal Zone (lp)


Format: LP

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** restcoked, reduced price** LP reissue of the latest Vasilisk album. Vasilisk’s inception dates back thirty years to 1987 as a result of the demise of the pioneering noise group, White Hospital.  After a number of inactive years, their seven-track Tribal Zone album was initially created in 2012.  The album presents a unique blend of cavernous drones, shamanistic percussive beats (i.e. track 4, “Burning Monk” or track 5, “Into The Circle”) and sometimes simple/other times complex and organic sounding textures.  At times, what appear to sound like traditional wind and percussive instruments are used.  This album could just as easily be seen as the soundtrack of a night-side fire at a native american or shamanistic gathering.

Cat. number: SK116
Year: 2018
Genre: Electronic