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C.A. Quintet

Trip Thru Hell (LP)

Label: Sundazed

Format: LP

Genre: Psych

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On translucent gold vinyl. The C.A. Quintet’s journey to Hades burned hot enough to melt the ice in their frigid Minnesota environs. A coveted collectable since the psychedelic record collecting disaster whirl first started over 30 years ago, Trip Thru Hell (1968) is rightly regarded as the epitome of local psych-cum-garage rising above its humble roots into something truly monolithic. Evolving from the local circuit into a hellish beast of keyboards, lysergic lyrics, trippy guitars and even subtle trumpet parts, the C.A. Quintet’s vision of the netherworld glowed in flaming orange, red and yellow as their instincts took over. Kicking off with the chilling psychedelicized keyboard-led instrumental title track, the album singes the psyche of the listener with an array of atmospheric beelzefuzz on 'Colorado Mourning,' sitar-like solos intertwining with fuzz and horns on “Underground Music,' and the more benevolent Lucifer on 'Smooth As Silk,' which swirls with keys and harmony vocals to underscore a brilliant melody. Mortals dare not venture to the sinister realm of the 'Cold Spider' and especially not 'Sleepy Hollow Lane,' a mistier place than even the Chocolate Watchband could dream of visiting.

Cat. number: LP5510
Year: 2016

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