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Landon Caldwell, Nick Yeck-Stauffer

Unity in Isolation (Tape)

Label: Astral Spirits

Format: Tape

Genre: Jazz

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** First pressing of 200 with artwork by Tiny Little Hammers ** Astral Spirits presents Unity in Isolation by Landon Caldwell & Nick Yeck-Stauffer. Crazy Doberman were holed up at A-Space in Indianapolis for their Illusory Expansion sessions, an amorphous span of organic and guided jams punctuated by smoke breaks, meals, and sleep. Players came in and went, sometimes in the middle of jams. I had never met Nick before. Most everyone went outside to smoke and give their ears a rest. I was sitting at my electric piano playing a little piece I had been toying with for a while. I had just quit smoking and couldn’t leave myself to be tempted.

Nick grabbed his trumpet and started playing along, wonderful little lines punctuating the space between my playing. We clicked/synced and went to an immediate zone. We jammed the entire duration of the smoke break and as others filtered back in the piece fell away and the hive-mind manifest that is Crazy Doberman returned. For a couple years there was a lot of “man we gotta record that.” Then out of desperation for breaking isolation during the beginning of Covid, I reached out and we did it. - Landon Caldwell, December 2020

Nick Yeck-Stauffer - pocket trumpet. Landon Caldwell - electric piano, organ, synthesizer. Dispossessed features Aaron Diko on percussion. Recorded by Landon Caldwell. Pocket trumpet recorded by David Nelson.

Cat. number: AE016
Year: 2021

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