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File under: Psychedelia

Vainica Doble

Vainica Doble

Label: Wah Wah Records

Format: CD

Genre: Library/Soundtracks

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Probably the rarest and most sought after LP in the Spanish collector's market, the first album by Gloria Van Aerssen & Carmen Santonja is at last reissued on CD as it deserves. On the twelve songs they wrote for their debut album, originally released on Ópalo in 1971, Vainica Doble blended folk, soft rock, pop and a dose of psychedelia to describe a magical world of their own with splendid Spanish lyrics and great arrangements that bring you echoes of the Beatles, the British Psychedelic Trip or The Incredible String Band, without ever loosing their incredibly personal character that sounds so unique to today's ears as it did to those of 1971. Its fantastic, colourful pop cover was designed by Ivan Zulueta, artist and film director (he was the mastermind behind the cult movies 1, 2, 3... Al escondite inglés! and Arrebato), and is reproduced here in all its glory, housed in a laminated slipcase featuring praise texts by some of their biggest fans such as Andy Votel (Finderskeepers/B-Music), Luis Calvo (Elefant Records), Ibon Errazkin, Ferran Llauradó (Rockdelux) and Ramon Vendrell (El Periódico de Catalunya). Features a lavish full colour 20 page booklet reproducing photos and press clippings from the era, along with extensive liner notes by Àngel Maeztu (written in Spanish) and printed lyrics. You won't get this through rapidshare! The twelve songs of the original 1971 LP are here augmented with 8 bonus tracks, six of them taken from non-LP Vainica Doble singles (including both sides of their mega rare first 45 from 1970 'La Bruja'/'Un Metro Cuadrado') plus two songs from the obscure single by Tickets, their backing band at the time, who recorded Vainica's penned 'El Rigor De Las Desdichas,' with 'Someone Like Me,' a killer psychedelic fuzz-pop stomper, as its flipside. All their Ópalo recordings collected in one fantastic edition made, as always, with love and devotion by the Wah Wah team.

File under: Psychedelia
Cat. number: wcd009
Year: 1999

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