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Asmus Tietchens

Verstreutes 2

Label: Auf Abwegen

Format: BOOK + CD

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Second revised and expanded edition of our book about the work of Asmus Tietchens. The book is in GERMAN. It includes essays about Tietchens, a fully commentated discography up to December 2005, short prose by Tietchens and a 70 minute CD collecting compilation tracks from CD and tape compilations from 1984-1995, plus one unreleased track.

Cat. number: AATP16
Year: 2006
Genre: Electronic
600 copies. Part of the book "Monographie Asmus Tietchens" (completely revised and updated edition), edited by Kai U. Jürgens. "Verstreutes 2" contains nearly all contributions to CD compilations and some from tape compilations up to 1995. "Und Wenn C.S. Nun Ein Hippie Wäre?" is a bonus track. - There is a special edition of book + CD with an additional CDR called "Zwei Stücke".