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Frederik Croene, Timo van Luijk

Voile Au Vent (Lp)

Label: La Scie Dorée

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

In stock


Edition of 400 copies LP from this duo featuring Timo Van Luijk of Af Ursin and collaborator with Christoph Heemann, NNCK et al. Voile Au Vent presents a series of piano improvisations embedded in dark, symphonic instrumental settings. Some of the most purely malevolent sounds to be associated with Luijk, aspects of Voile Au Vent almost sound like Coil circa “Dark River” with looming electronics providing an eerie backdrop to the broken bones of a piano. Later tracks bring in cut-up sound sources, shadowy samples and smears of Andrew Chalk-style drone to give the feel of Gavin Bryars’ Sinking Of The Titanic re-scored for one of Joe Jones’ automatic orchestras. Recommended.

Cat. number: Scie 709
Year: 2009

Enrégistré et mixé à Kulta Saha. Août 2008 - Juin 2009.

Limited edition of 400 copies.

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