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Echos Pastoraux (Lp)

Label: La Scie Dorée

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic



restocked, last copies...Beautiful new album by Andrew Chalk and Timo Van Luyk (with Daisuke Suzuki on percussions and Ian Middleton on "accidental sounds"). Andrew Chalk is one of the most appreciate musician in this category floating between drone and ambient music, and his meeting with Timo Van Luijk has created an amazing disc, able to emphasize the slow, limited gestures, movements elegiac elegance, but still so heavily controlled. Each faint seems to have a gesture meaning. Here you can hear a flute (connected to a discrete pedal) and another to the synthesizer (a antediluvian Roland Analog, armed with pedals), both building dreamy and resonant tones, playing with silence

Cat. number: SCIE 811
Year: 2011

LTD 400

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