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Frederik Croene, Timo van Luijk

Fortune de Mer (Lp)

Label: La Scie Dorée

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

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First Frederik Croene & Timo van Luijk album in 10 years. ‘In 9 sequences 'Fortune de Mer' describes the power and beauty of dramatic fate,  the irreversible. Like a clause of force majeure, an unforeseen one way trip to the  desperate bottom. After losing the long battle nothing is left, only acceptance and  resignation.’ Noirish atmospheres, disturbed lullabies with sideways glances continue on the second side (Coil meets Suicide on the last part of the record) laced with maddening clusters of detuned piano notes, settling more into an abstractionist mood through prepared piano explorations, waterlogged tape warblings, and metallic rumblings that foreshadow the rupture of a cargo ship’s hull. Edition of 300

Image by Victor Hugo
Layout by Meeuw   

Cat. number: Scie 1818
Year: 2018

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