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Best of 2018
Best of 2018


Le manteau d'etoiles (Lp)

Label: Faraway Press

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

In stock


2018 small repress. 'Le manteau d’étoiles' collects ten airy instrumental spheres glowing and evaporating in a universal infinity like any moment in the panorama of everyday life. Throughout the whole album, there's a refined sense of reductionism and that achingly poetic melancholy which drips from every sustained note and hushed passage, through the sparse, non-linear interplay of guitar, bass, gongs, flutes, clarinet, percussion, and electronics, Timo Van Lujik and Andrew Chalk, here expanding as a quartet given in Leuven, with Tom James Scott on piano and Jean-Noel Rebilly on clarinet.
 We're probably more smitten by the piano and electronic excursions, which lean towards a Satie-inspired ambience over the loping impressionism through bass and guitar, but all of this is played with a spellbinding sadness, accompanied by small tactile events that sound like hapless shuffling through fallen leaves or the rustling of century old newspapers.

Cat. number: FP026
Year: 2018

edition of 200 coies. Double?sided insert and postcard set included

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