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La Lumiere Parfumee - excerpt 1
La Lumiere Parfumee - excerpt 2
La Lumiere Parfumee - excerpt 3


La Lumiere Parfumee (Lp)

Label: Faraway Press

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

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** Edition of 300 copies only. All handmade sleeve in full coloured papers tipped on. Colour lined inner. Japanese obi With full colour insert ** Elodie’s sublime second album presented on vinyl for the first time. Originally issued on CD in 2011 ‘La Lumiere Parfumee’ finds Andrew Chalk and Timo Van Luijk’s duo hovering into the languid, spectral forms that have charmed us ever since.  Impossibly delicate and floaty, ‘La Lumiere Parfumee’ is a like a slow motion, weightless ballet written for keys, strings, synth and brushed drums, where Chalk and Van Luijk seemingly keep their instrument’s feet from ever touching the floor. Thanks to expertly refined recording and post-production techniques, the soundfield is intimate yet psychedelically expansive, with ineffably dreamy results cradling listeners in a mid-air sound quite unlike any other in circulation right now.  When this album originally arrived it wasn’t really on our radar. At that time there was a groundswell of wishy washy neo-classical/modern ambient music that possibly occluded Elodie from our view - perhaps a case of can’t see the wood for the trees. But ever since encountering them live and then circa ‘Porte Ouverte’ [2016], it’s become clear to us, at least, that Elodie are in possession of that rarest quality; an effortless, subliminal ability to intoxicate and draw us whole into their unique sound world.  With tremulous keys, powdered percussion, and murmuring wind instruments marbled with synth gasses, they create immaculate snapshots of crepuscular, pastoral scenes as immersive and purposefully descriptive as Japanese Gagaku soundtracks, but also every bit as humble as the most charming Cotton Goods releases. It’s a gently mystical, natural sound that warrants repeated visits, just like your favourite local beauty spot, respite bench in an inner city park, or secluded rooftop terrace of the mind. (Boomkat)

Cat. number: FARA 020LP
Year: 2018

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