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Andrew Chalk, Daisuke Suzuki

The Shadows Go Their Own Way

Label: Faraway Press

Format: CD

In stock

'The Shadows Go Their Own Way' took easily as long as its predecessor 'The Days After' to complete.After many planned sequences and pieces it suddenly and quite unexpectedly became finished last autumn. Denis Blackham at Skye Mastering gave
the recordings a real touch of magic and we are completely happy with the final shape and sound of everything.
Thanks go out to Naoko Suzuki who gave some vocals to two tracks and to Vikki Jackman for her inimitable piano playing on track #11 'Mirages'. 'The Shadows Go Their Own Way' is packaged in mini LP style Japanese sleeve with insert and obi,lined in beautiful Claret paper.
Cat. number: Siren 015
Year: 2009

Recorded in Japan and England 2003 to 2008. 
'A Night Sketch' street sounds recorded in Saginomiya, Nakano in 1994. 
Packaged in heavy cardboard, mini LP sleeve with folded insert and obi strip. 
Edition of 300 copies.

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