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Best of 2017
Best of 2017


La Porte Ouverte (LP)

Label: Faraway Press

Format: LP

Genre: Experimental

Out of stock

La Porte Ouverte is the Elodie's highly anticipated new vinyl-only album, released on Andrew Chalk own Faraway Press imprint. Andrew Chalk and Timo Van Luijk have been collaborating extensively as Elodie over the past year, often helped by Tom James Scott here tickling the keys of the piano to augment with his own strings and treatments. The album is constructed from slowly revolving patterns of delicate harmonics floating around an omnipresent timbral drone, plenty of bells and gongs, and while the overall beauty and concept reveal a definite dream-like desire to capture an elusive spiritual voice through the resonance of drones. All of the eight tracks hang with the signature melancholy that resonates through so many of their recordings. Very highly recommended as with everything that Andrew and Timo touches. Limited to 350 copies only, don't sleep! Available in a standard only edition and cut at 45 RPM for higher fidelity.
350 copies pressed. Sleeve is printed in reverse board with poly-lined inner sleeve.

'An open door...
an exit... an entrance...
a new horizon
we never know where we are...
as long as the door remains open
there will be light...'

Cat. number: FP 029
Year: 2017

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