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File under: meditative music

Ghosts On Water

Ghosts On Water

Label: Faraway Press

Format: CD digipack deluxe

Genre: Electronic

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"The second full release of recordings by Naoko & Daisuke Suzuki with Andrew Chalk, now titled as Ghosts on Water." Naoko Suzuki (vocals), Daisuke Suzuki (vocals, flute, percussion, field recordings), Andrew Chalk (keyboards, kantele). "'Pale shadow" whispers its intentions to the wind amidst gentle melodies (courtesy of Chalk's keyboards and kantele) whose East-tinged imperturbability attribute a deep thrust to something that, coming from other hands, could even have been classified as an outtake. Both 'Fall and flow' and 'In October skies' are heavily typified by Naoko and Daisuke Suzuki's voices, first through uncertain lines on a field recording-based, extremely subtle background, then in a dissonant prayer made of intersecting improvised chants that depict strange colours and shapes for about three minutes. 'Snowy fields sparkle aglow' is the record's top as far as sheer beauty is concerned, a mix of melancholically tranquil piano figures over murmuring layers of uncertain origin, moving between remembrance and pastel-like sadness with the right touch of naïveté. 'Wings of day' ends this (unfortunately) short CD with the same atmospheres, keyboards and vocals informing a barely seamed tapestry whose levity is directly proportional to its soulful substance." -- Massimo Ricci.

File under: meditative music
Cat. number: FARA 012
Year: 2007

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