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Volume 1 - excerpt 1
Volume 1 - excerpt 2


Volume 1 (LP)

Label: Astral Spirits

Format: LP

Genre: Jazz

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**500 copies** The debut release from the long-running Chicago based collaboration of Quin Kirchner, Daniel Van Duerm and Matthew Lux aka KVL. Also featuring super special guest Jaimie Branch on Peaceable. KVL sits nicely in the same headspace as recent modern improv that eschews a more traditional "jazz" label. Think Matthew Lux's Contra/Fact, Jaimie Branch's Fly or Die, Shabaka Hutching's Sons of Kemet or The Comet Is Coming, Ben Lamar Gaye, Rob Mazurek and others. Of course, many folks will point toward the past Chicago rumblings of a group like Isotope 217 of which Matthew Lux was a member (and deep heads will recognize mastering engineer Casey Rice worked with as well). And yes, there may be some sonic similarities, but as you might expect from the members of KVL, they easily differentiate themselves from their influences and contemporaries. There is a deep sense of minimalism and groove throughout Volume 1 that is a bit more contemplative and open ala late 60's Miles Davis. Kirchner's playing is beautifully understated throughout, barely even touching the drums on Peaceable but still setting a vibe. Van Duerm takes on the most "leader" like role with his (also beautifully understated) various keyboards that modulate and keep things moving forward throughout the album. Lux meanwhile is still the bass player's bass player, his lines more of a sinewy funk than repetitive groove in an absolutely mesmerizing way. This is the first of multiple "volumes" of material that will be released over the coming years. Yet another beautiful split release from Astral Spirits and Spacetone Recordings.


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