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magazinewaves1-waves 1-01-gong
magazinewaves1-waves 1-02-satori
magazinewaves1-waves 1-03-california
magazinewaves1-waves 1-04-babel
magazinewaves1-waves 1-05-oui
magazinewaves1-waves 1-06-formantor
magazinewaves1-waves 1-07-avant org
magazinewaves1-waves 1-10-supercussion
magazinewaves1-waves 1-12-cassette
magazinewaves1-waves 1-13-healing
magazinewaves1-waves 1-25-marina
magazinewaves1-waves 1-26-mingus
magazinewaves1-waves 1-27-liquid
magazinewaves1-waves 1-28-gone

Curd Duca

Waves 1 (LP+CD Box)

Label: Magazine

Format: LP+CD Box

Genre: Sound Art

Out of stock

**Waves 1 is the rst release of Curd Duca since the legendary Elevator series (1998-2000). Waves is an album trilogy. Waves 2 and 3 will be released on Magazine in 2021. The Box is intended for all three records of the series** Discounting the Austrian artist’s genteel self-released album of accordion cut-ups, issued in early 2020, ‘Waves 1’ marks the return of a lowkey but vital figure from the ‘90s experimental electronic scene, whose series of LPs, adorned with a distinctive play on a famous logo, caught eyes and ears in record shops around the world via release on Normal and Mille Plateaux, most often making their way to chill-out sessions (what people used to do before passing the jack-lead and playing drill at afterparties) and the best record collections.  

Curd Duca’s return could hardly be better timed for an era clearly in need of enchantment and peace, rustling together a spellbinding mosaic of sampled/processed ephemera that uncannily resembles disturbed dreams and induces hypnagogic states with its succession of soothing but elusive, fragmentary moments. In each of them there are the seeds of a respective dream, but rather mischievously and brilliantly, Duca keeps pulling the rug before you know it, leading us to tumble into hypnic jerk-like glitch blatz at unexpected points, only to open another window onto scenes of fleeting sublime, and so forth. 

  It’s exceptionally well done, constantly spouting with lovely new ideas that evaporate, segue, transition to the next with a illusionist’s sleight-of-hand, adding up to one of the cutest and mercurial albums you’ll cop this year.

Year: 2020