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Peter Brötzmann, Paal Nilssen-Love

Wood cuts


Format: CD

Genre: Jazz

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Peter Brötzmann, alto & tenor saxophone, bass clarinet, Bb-clarinet. Paal Nilssen-Love-drums, percussion. Recorded October 2008 in Oslo, Norway.Second album from the godfather of European free-jazz, Peter Brötzmann and Norwegian virtuos Paal Nilssen-Love. This is the follow-up to 'Sweet Swea' from 2007. Woodcuts is another free jazz mastodont from the two masters. This is European free-jazz at its best. Recorded live in concert at Kampen in Oslo, Norway. 

Cat. number: STSJ170CD
Year: 2010

Artwork by Peter Brötzmann in digipack sleeve. First edition on Smalltown Superjazz.

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