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Nicola Ratti

Wounded Boys

Label: Where To Now?

Format: TAPE

Genre: Electronic

In stock


Bellows' Nicola Ratti investigates micro-rhythmic, electro-acoustic dub on solo terms with 'Wounded Boys' arriving in Where To Now?'s endless stream of ace new issues. Proceeding his pair of 12"s for Italy's Holidays Records in 2014, Ratti coalesces a more intimate, viscous sound on this outing, maybe best compared with the earliest Pole releases or Jan Jelinek abstractions. 'Elbow' nudges fidgety sparks and bass rubs in vast empty space; 'Wrist' flicks droplets and glassy tronics with wet spring reverb to precipitate billowing bass drones; 'Ankle' executes a dank, hollow skank in sepulchral spatial settings; 'Neck' peers into the abyss and it coughs clouds of skunky air back.

Cat. number: WTN36
Year: 2015

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