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Scott King

You’re My Favourite Artist

Label: The Vinyl Factory

Format: LP

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Limited edition of 300 copies. The Vinyl Factory has collaborated with legendary creative director and British artist Scott King to release his first record, an art-world send up and celebrity satire called ‘You’re My Favorite Artist’. Invited to make a record by The Vinyl Factory, Scott King recruited old friend James Fry (Earl Brutus), producer Tim Larcombe and singer Polly Martyn to create a song based on a real experience King had in New York.

‘You’re My Favorite Artist’ is a dance track with a difference, a bitter and sweeping comment on celebrity, success and ‘phoniness’ in the art world. The sleeve is an imagined and glowing review of ‘You’re My Favorite Artist’ from New York art bible Artforum – an excitable hack fawning over King’s ‘new sound work’ in a world defined by pretentious art dinners, charity events and celebrity suck up.

Cat. number: -
Year: 2017
Genre: Sound Art