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New Arrivals

I Should Have Been a Gardener (LP)
Much needed repress! Offering a visionary approach to the solo guitar, Milanese experimentalist Alessandra Novaga, delivers an expansive meditation on the late …
LP | €19.90
An Anthology of Chants Operations (LP)
**Edition of 200. Triangular cover** While often laying unobserved below a landscape of the seemingly unfamiliar, experimental music is the imagining of the fut…
LP | €19.90
Improvisational Loops (LP)
Terekke herds his wooliest flock of ambient Improvisational Loops for Music From Memory following the cultishly-acclaimed Plant Age album for L.I.E.S.. This tim…
LP | €19.90
Clouds (LP)
Music From Memory's fourth release sees the Amsterdam based label taking an exciting sidestep with the release of “Clouds”, an album of contemporary music recor…
LP | €19.90
Liquid Diamonds (LP)
Following on from co-­compiling one of 2012’s best received compilations ‘Into The Light: A Journey into Greek Electronic Music’, new Amsterdam based record lab…
LP | €19.90
Cogitate (LP)
Cogitate is the first release from NYC local Promoter and an invitation to gaze inward and sit with sound. Borne of hours lost in loops, Promoter calls forth de…
LP | €18.90
Banco (LP)
After his debut album for Discrepant (Papillon, 2013) and a couple of tapes for Dinzu Artefacts (Aqueducts, 2017) and Sucata tapes (Cercueill Flottant, 2019) Pa…
LP | €19.90
A Mimesis Of Nothingness (LP)
Siavash Amini returns to Hallow Ground with "A Mimesis of Nothingness", his fourth album for the Swiss label. Following up on "Harmistice" together with fellow …
LP | €21.90
Henning Christiansen Archives (4LP bundle)
This special bundle collects three Henning Christiansen albums - for a total of four LPs - recently reissued by the Henning Christiansen Archive, namely the fol…
4 LP in bundle | €89.90
Aperio! (LP)
* 180 gram Vinyl * The title of Miki Yui’s seventh solo album “Aperio!” is derived from the latin origin of April, "aperire" meaning “to open” or “to reveal”. H…
LP | €21.90
Serpico (Lp)
Sidney Lumet's masterpiece Serpico released in 1973 is one of the most iconic movies of the '70s. Featuring a career-defining performance by Al Pacino in the ti…
LP | €26.90
Colossus (LP)
**Dirty Cantaloupe coloured edition** Andrew Liles 'Colossus was initially released as a download project that consisted of 50 tracks all of which were 50 minut…
LP | €21.90
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A Clockwork Orange (An Imaginary Soundtrack To The Book) (LP)
This record is an "imaginary soundtrack" to Anthony Burgess's book. It is NOT IN ANY WAY to be confused with Kubrick's superb score to his excellent film. This …
LP | €19.90
Stones of Precious Water (LP)
The title of guitarist Barry Cleveland’s 1986 album - Stones of Precious Water - conjures images of incandescent gems, harvested from hallowed streams and held …
LP | €23.90
Endless Wave: Vol 1 (2LP)
Killer. A classically trained dancer, Gabriel Roth was involved with the early ’60’s counterculture movement as a dance instructor for therapeutic workshops at …
LP | €29.90
Peel (2LP)
KMRU is the moniker of Joseph Kamaru, a sound artist and producer based in Nairobi. One of the leading exponents of the burgeoning experimental music scene in N…
2LP | €24.00

Best Sellers

Châsse Vol.2 (17LP Wooden Box w. Shirt and Booklet)
17LP Wooden Box w. Shirt and Booklet | €279.00
Vanity Records CD Box-sets bundle (27 CD)
4 x Box Set, 27CD in Bundle | €290.00
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To the Quiet Man From a Tiny Girl (LP, red vinyl)
**300 copies, exclusive United Diaries red vinyl. Very few copies available** The long awaited vinyl reissue of NWWs classic second album is finally available. …
LP, red vinyl | €23.90
Komachi (LP, coloured)
**Finally repressed on cream coloured vinyl, now includes a 12-page booklet!** Meitei considers himself an old soul, often preoccupied with the customs and ritu…
LP | €23.90
Kofu (LP)
* Limited edition LP including 16-page inserts with words in Japanese and English from Meitei and design by Kitchen.Label founder Ricks Ang * It began with ‘Kwa…
LP | €24.90
Meith (LP)
Black Truffle present Meith, a new composition in two parts from prolific composer/theorist François Bonnet. Usually operating under his Kassel Jaeger moniker, …
LP | €21.90

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