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New Arrivals

12 Instrumenter Til Henning (LP)
12 instrumenter til Henning (english: 12 instruments for Henning) is a new arrangement by Danish composer Anders Lauge Meldgaard (formerly known as Frisk Frugt) that sees Meldgaard exploring the music of Danish avant-garde artist and composer Henning Christiansen. A trio piece by Christiansen from 1975 is the source material for a bright and stimulating new work for extended chamber ensemble, with the tonal language the original blossoming outwards via Meldgaard’s own brilliantly colourful sound…
LP | €19.90
Arkhaios (10")
Jeremie Mathes is a French field recording artist (known for some excellent CDs on Unfathomless) living in Cambodia since some years. For "Arkhaios" he combined cavernous object drones (recorded at an abandoned factory site) with various instrumental sounds from ancient Khmer instruments (Tro u, Khim), all highly processed. You get the impression as being under the earth in a place populated by metallic amoeba or other smallest creatures, inside sewerage ducts or an deserted mine, exposed to the…
10" | €15.90
Substrata (Colored 10")
* Edition of 300, transparent green vinyl * Italy's Cristiano Deison enriches the experimental sound and noise art community with his releases and various collaborations (lately with John Duncan, Gianluca Becuzzi and K.K.Null) for more than 20 years, but seems to be still undiscovered by too many listeners. "Substrata" collects three extremely crystalline and immersive drone pieces based on prepared tapes, metals, strings, wires and electronics... imagine a forest glade in moon-light with cold w…
Colored 10" | €15.90
The Plaintive (LP)
Suction present a new vinyl release of “The Plaintive”, the first new album since 2014 by the somewhat underrated electronic project of Mark Van Hoen, Locust. "When Suction was formed in 1997, we were deeply enthralled with the UK “listening” electronic scene, otherwise known as electronica or IDM, but besides the obvious icons - Aphex Twin, Autechre, and other luminaries of labels like Rephlex, Warp, and Skam Records -  one of our heroes was the lesser known Locust, whose productions were murki…
LP | €16.90
Mara (LP)
* Picture disc edition of 300 copies * Maja S. K. Ratkje is at the forefront of the musical avant-garde. Her music is bold, original and it is meant for sharing. At its heart lies Ratkje’s own voice, an open door to her individual musicianship and a constant tool for realigning her work with natural expressions and human truths. On Mara, layers of vocals overlap and layer their way through the reverberant woodwork of an early baroque parish in Austria. At times slow and beautiful, other times fr…
LP | €23.90
Fretted and Indebted (12")
* Edition of 300 * Alasdair Roberts is one of our more beloved folk singers of recent years (though he hates the term folk singer apparently). The Scottish musician here supplies another document of his fascinating interpretations of wild and rare traditional songs he's sourced from various parts of Scotland. Comes on a single sided 12". I am indebted to my piping friend Donald Lindsay for The Blythsome Bridal, The Braes of Tulliemet and The Smith’s a Gallant Fireman, while Chief O’Neill’s Favou…
12" | €18.50
Black Phoebe (LP)
* Edition of 300 * Mark Lanegan and his wife, Shelley Brien (Singrid Lund) pursue a gothic wave and washed-out techno muse in a deliciously cranky follow-up to Lanegan’s acclaimed ‘Downwelling’ LP with Not Waving last year. Featuring members of the Mark Lanegan Band including Martyn LeNoble (Porno For Pyros) on bass, the band play up to their passions for the gloomy rumination of PIL, Siouxsie and The Banshees, Sandwell District, Bauhaus and Joy Division across a perfectly unpredicted suite of L…
LP | €15.90
Pushing Through A Wall (LP)
* Edition of 300 * Industrial changeling Oliver Ho returns to his Slow White Fall alias for a howling and paganistic suite of industrial music in an English medieval Gothic mode channelling Dead Can Dance via Killing Joke, Scott Walker and Godflesh Slow White Fall is the latest of Ho’s revolving monikers (Broken English Club, Raudive, Zov Zov), and here used to signify a shift into hairier, muscular Industrial music that treads heavily but carefully to the right side of fantasy dramatic, wrought…
LP | €18.90
Kutra Bégulma - Unfinished Altar (2 LP)
* Limited Edition Green vinyls + insert *  Ars Subtilior (14th century) and the Noise: the two inspirations of Christophe Guiraud which are like two rivers which are woven in a writing of great power. The French young composer is the link between the most accomplished scholarly music and some radical aspects of noise. Born in Toulouse mid-seventies, he settles in Brussels - which becomes the crossroads of a continuous creation. Currently works and has been collaborating since several years with …
2 LP | €21.90
Chicago Waves (LP)
In process of stocking. In late November of 2018, long-time collaborators (and life-long Los Angelenos) Carlos Niño and Miguel Atwood-Ferguson flew to Chicago to participate in the album release performance of Makaya McCraven’s Universal Beings. Just 11 months prior, Carlos and Miguel were part of recording the ‘Los Angeles Side’ of Universal Beings at Jeff Parker’s house in Altadena, California, and this performance in Chicago would be the first time that all of the musicians reunited to re-lea…
LP | €26.90
Universal Beings E&F Sides (LP)
In process of stocking. A new project by Chicago-based drummer / producer Makaya McCraven. An addendum to his critically-acclaimed 2018 release Universal Beings, which The New York Times said "affirms the drummer and beatsmith's position as a major figure in creative music," Universal Beings E&F Sides presents fourteen new pieces of organic beat music cut from the original sessions, prepared and produced by Makaya as a soundtrack to the Universal Beings documentary film.Directed by Mark Pallman,…
LP | €26.90
Tour Beats Vol. 1 (LP)
In process of stocking. Anteloper is a duo of psychedelic sonic compatriots starring a pair of raggedy celestial sound warriors: trumpeter Jaimie Branch and drummer Jason Nazary. These longtime friends and collaborators met as young explorers and consider their electronic duo a continuous experiment into the unknown sonic abyss. Recent results have come back as mind-bendingly abstract head boppers, improvised organisms guided by a unique desire to hear what hasn’t been heard before. This is musi…
LP | €26.90
Electric Guitar Duets (LP)
Limited repress! LP reissue of Land And Sea's limited 2016 tape documenting a performance by guitarists Michael Morley and Bill Orcutt at the L&S gallery in Oakland."... Once regrettable antics were permanently affixed to the rearview mirror, the pair chauffeured across the bay to Land And Sea, the cozy gallery on San Pablo Avenue in Oakland and sobered up on vegan cocktail wieners and gummie vitamins. You may doubt, you may scoff -- have fun with it, champion, seriously -- but on July 6, 2016, …
LP | €23.90
Journey in Satchidananda (Lp)
Deluxe LP edition. 2020 repress. originally issued by Impulse in 1971, this masterpiece Alice's album is on of the most exciting record she have ever did! And, what's more, it's absolutely live! It is definitely one of the best  truly cosmic jazz orchestrations ever realized. Recorded at the Coltrane home studio, Dix Hills, New York on November 8, 1970. Alice Coltrane (harp, piano); Pharoah Sanders (soprano saxophone, perc); Charlie Haden (bass); Rashied Ali (drums); Cecil McBee (bass); Vishnu W…
Vinyl LP | €19.90
Spiritual Jazz 12: Impulse! (3LP)
Triple LP version. Gatefold sleeve. In Jazzman Records' latest chapter of Spiritual Jazz, the label returns to the source -- the Impulse! label, and the monumental influence of its most prominent artist, John Coltrane. Since the first release in the series back in 2008, Jazzman Records has mapped out the growth of the spiritual sound in jazz. Spiritually energized and politically conscious, the spiritual sound in jazz music is one of the most important currents in the music. The label's series h…
LP x 3 | €32.00
Anthony 'Reebop' Kwaku Bah (LP)
Killer 1973 Solo album from the percussionist of kraut band CAN. A boiling cauldron of polyrhythmic grooves and jazz improvisations with a strong early 70ies prog touch, haunting Exotica jazz passages with “jungle” feel. For fans of Osibisa, Fela, Ginger Baker Airforce, Miles Davis… all around 1969 to 1973 This is the 1973 solo album by Ghanaian percussionist Anthony Kwaku Bah, who was given the nickname „Reebop“ by American  jazz legend Dizzie Gillespie. He passed away early at the age of 39 in…
LP | €24.90
Muster Point (LP)
US sax player Stanley J. Zappa and Finnish drummer Simo Laihonen come together on the new album "Muster Point" on We Jazz Records, August 7. The two students of Milford Graves add bassist Ville Rauhala on a couple of tracks to make a bold and adventurous album captured both live and in the studio while Zappa was touring in Finland with the Black Motor musicians. This is a set full of fire and thunder, but also features some more meditative spiritual jazz. RIYL: Milford Graves, ESP-Disk', spiritu…
LP | €21.90
Piry Reis (Deluxe Edition LP)
Deluxe Edition pressed on 180 grams vinyl. Iconic and much sough after self titled LP by Piry Reis now re-issued as a deluxe 180 grams edition containing an extra bonus track (spaced out Jazz interpretation of No Risco Do Relâmpago).  After playing for several years with Egberto Gismonti group and other prominent Brazilian acts, Piry decided to record this album which was originally released in 1980 featuring a special guest appearance by Egberto Gismonti.
LP | €21.00
Desenhos (LP)
2020 repress, totally sold-out at source. First time worldwide vinyl reissue of the Brazilian jazz holy grail Desenhos by Vitor Assis Brasil, originally released in 1966. This is the incredibly rare and Coltrane influenced debut of Brazilian sax great Victor Assis Brasil (1945-1981) for Roberto Quartin's cult label Forma. Vitor Assis Brasil led this session on January 11th, 1966 with his quartet which featured the legendary pianist Tenório Jr, double-bassist Edison Lôbo and drummer Chico Batera.…
LP | €24.90
Minuits Pour Géants / On The Edge Of The Outside
Tristan Tzara (1896-1963) is the poet through whom Dada arrived. In Zurich, he animated the Cabaret Voltaire with Hugo Ball; in Paris, he then inspired some surrealists in the making. If he was a great lover of Villon and Rabelais, his poetry is as iconoclastic as the music of Nurse With Wound, who composed for this edition of Minuits pour géants an unpublished piece lasting about ten minutes: On the Edge of the Outside. Writer, poet and essayist of Romanian origin, Tristan Tzara (Samuel Rosenst…
Book + MiniCD 3" | €11.00

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