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sigillum s

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sigillum s - 23/20

sigillum s


€ 14.00

GENRE: Electronic | FORMAT: CD | CATALOG N. VCP009 | YEAR. (2007)

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the long awaited SIGILLUM S 20th anniversary album: this is the digipack CD and a limited edition gatefold double vinyl , with different track lists and sequences for each format (some tracks are on both formats, while others can only be found either on CD or vinyl).

Notes   Tracklisting
Recorded & produced through 2005 and 2006 at Verba Corrige, SRS and various world locations. Mastered at Turtletone Studios, NYC. Housed in a six-panel colour digipak. Also released as a double-LP. Seven tracks are exclusive to this release; seven are exclusive to the double-LP (for a total of 23 unique tracks between the two editions). "More than ever, fringe culture methods and cutting edge acoustic science mate for the generations of endless layers and bursts of sonic pleasure: voices and drones clans across plans and peaks, fishing for universal tremors and sensorial catastrophes... iconic translations of lost symbols flow like pathogenic lava into temporal sequence and weather forecasts become performances for alien audiences."
1   Gnostic Circles (4:29)
2   Adventurous Contemporary Tune (2:39)
3   Camera Documentable Parade Of Nudity (3:50)
4   Late May (6:54)
5   Here Not (3:28)
6   Plan To Breed And Domesticate (4:15)
7   Voodoo Inside Anxiety Spins Like Contraband Prank Principles (3:17)
8   Recovery Of The Irrevocable Star (5:02)
9   Restrain And Discover Gist Engagement (5:54)
10   Invasion Of Earth By A Malevolent Horde (4:07)
11   Soil-Borne Bacterium Root To Insect Pets & Safe To Higher (4:17)
12   Legacy Of Identity Politics (Kill, Kill, Kill) (3:51)
13   Overwhelming Destroyer (5:06)
14   Wall Of (5:46)
15   Softer Than Anything They Experience (4:14)
16   Manifold Miasma Lunacy (3:33)