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Giorgio Salomon

Acrobati Liquidi (book)

Label: Private

Format: BOOK

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In Italian language only. “Acrobati liquidi”, a totally D-I-Y book from Giorgio Salomon, is an interesting mix between a personal and cosmic trip and an educational pamphlet, in which find place a lot of alternative and experimental tales. Using his record collection as an anchor, Salomon recalls hidden magical places and unknown bands, perfectly in balance between journalism and passion. The book is a 200-pages voyage in which you will discover musical scenes from all over the world – from Hungary to Mexico – with a beautiful soundtrack as a background, courtesy of well-known musicians but also time-forgotten artists as K. Leimer, Anna Själv Tredje, Angel Rada, Iconoclasta, Pauline Anna Strom,  Ceramic Hello, Ariel Kalma, Archimedes Badkar

If the mythical Nurse With Wound List is your reference point, than this is the book for you!

Cat. number:
Year: 2018
Genre: Psych