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Agitation _ Stagnation (excerpt 1)
Agitation _ Stagnation (excerpt 2)

Kasper T. Toeplitz, Zeitkratzer

Agitation | Stagnation (2 CD)

Label: Bocian Records

Format: 2 x CD

Genre: Experimental

In stock

Double CD, the first one containing Zeitkratzer's instrumental interpretation of Kasper Toeplitz's electronic score from Disc 2. Though these works are intended to be heard separately, the two discs can also be played simultaneously
"The idea behind the composition for the Zeitkratzer ensemble, "Agitation / Stagnation", was from the very beginning to work in the pure sonic domain, and not to give to the musicians a score written on paper (be it in traditional notation or some more fancy graphic way) but rather an organised sound form, of the exact duration and articulation of the piece to be, another realisation of the same structure. No exact pitches, no imitation of the timber of any given acoustic instrument, not even the same number of musical voices, just a flow of electronic or electric textures, a "pure" rendering of the sonic idea, this "electronic score" was given to the musicians who then had to imagine create their own réalisation of this "Agitation / Stagnation", using the electronic part as a starting point, not meant to be played during the ensemble's execution, not even meant to be heard by any audience, a silent-but-noisy guide of the final composition. However, when releasing this recording of "Agitation / Stagnation", we thought it would be nice to offer to the listener another view of the same musical object, and include this electronic score – giving the possibility to not only hear the two realisations side by side but also to create a third one by their superposition." Kasper T. Toeplitz
Cat. number: BCKTTZ
Year: 2018

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