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Conrad Schnitzler - Untitled (excerpt)
P16D4 - Attributes of Ce (excerpt)
Roberta Setells - P-1 Information (excerpt)

Various Artists

Angelic Tecnology 1 (2xTape Box)

Label: Edition Cococara

Format: 2xTapes (Box)

Genre: Sound Art

Out of stock

Edition of 100, numbered. Reissue of a holy-grail double C45 boxset released on Hironari Iwata's Angakok label in 1988. It features H.n.a.s., Asmus Tietchens, Haiginsha (aka Hironari Iwata), Conrad Schnitzler, Toukaseibunshi (aka Hironari Iwata again), Roberta Settels, Human Flesh (aka Alain Neffe), Bene Gesserit, P16.D4, Swimming Behaviour Of The Human Infant (aka Achim Wollscheid), The Haters, Defict Des Annee Anterieures and a young upstart called Merzbow.

Cat. number: VLZ00048
Year: 2018

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