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Anthology of Experimental Music from Mexico

Label: Unexplained Sounds Group

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

Out of stock

* Edition of 200 * For this new compilation, Anthology of Experimental Music from Mexico, the Italian label Unexplained Sounds Group has gathered artists from different generations who are striving to keep this "scene" alive, not only through their music but also by creating spaces and communities for other artists, both national and international, to thrive in. Even if its presence runs deep and is widely felt, stumbling upon this music feels like a reward, like unlocking a door to a secret place where the sound is deep, wide, and treated as a living entity; where live performances feel more like processions, liturgies, or mediums between this realm and the unknown, rather than simple entertainment. In that sense, experimental music in Mexico is a strange paradox: it is both a whisper and a scream.

Whether it is being inspired by ancestral rituals, mixed with elements of endemic musical styles, or even if it was the result of pure introspection, there is no denying that Mexican experimental music has its very defined set of idiosyncrasies, which can only come from living in a place that has always been divided between progress and tradition.

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