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Bizarre Ko.Ko.Ko, Cultural Noise

Aphorisms Insane, 00 Time

Label: Creel Pone

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

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A pair of albums at the absolute extreme edge of what can rightfully be considered "Berlin School" Electronic Music music, conjured by the core duo of Walter Heinisch & Karl Kronfeld - with Gerhard Lisy participating only in the former - released in 1980 & 1984, respectively, on (oddly) CBS Austria, and the pair's own Synoptik imprint.

Coming from an aesthetic waypoint far closer to Seeselberg's "Synthetik-1" than anything from the cosmos-gazing Schülze / TD canon, the (burnt) offerings herein, replete with imposing / inviting titles such as "After the Selfdisintegration of Time", "Forced Mutations", and especially "Burning Bog Brain" occasionally lurk in long segments of sequenced motorik, but it's the creepy, interstitial moments & the general air of post-Industrial malaise that land these squarely in the Creel Pone canon, seemingly deviating from almost every conceptual & aesthetic norm.

This handy edition presents each LP on its own disc, with a gatefold, pearlized metallic booklet offering the gory details; this is an epic collection, again offering a key aesthetic waypoint in the chronology of "Home Studio" Electronic Music as it segued from Psychedelic 70s trappings into uneasy 80s Industrial modes. 

Cat. number: CP 196-197 CD
Year: 2007

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Aphorisms Insane (LP)
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