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Arrival Vibrate - excerpt 1
Arrival Vibrate - excerpt 2
Arrival Vibrate - excerpt 3


Arrival Vibrate

Label: Cassauna

Format: Tape

Genre: Experimental

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Arrival Vibrate is Larsen's 17th album, an alchemical suite tribute to the late Z'EV based on his poem by the same title hereby transcribed by Larsen's members into a score following the "Rhythmajick" kabbalistic musical theories by their friend Z'EV. The album documents the first live performance ever of this piece recorded at the band's March 13th, 2018 benefit concert for Médecins Sans Frontières International at The National Museum Of Cinema in Torino, Italy, and features two different versions of Arrival Vibrate, one faithful to the show mixed by Larsen's sound engineer Paul Beauchamp and one revised and enriched by Larsen and Z'EV's mutual friend, musician/performer/visual artist John Duncan (of Los Angeles Free Music Society fame). About his (re)mix John Duncan says: "The contribution I wanted to make was to enhance moments that seemed to call for more complexity, more presence and most of all more of a congratulatory celebration of Z'EV's achievements, with the applause that was always so difficult for him to accept, as well as to be effectively invisible; like you hear the same music you heard before, but it's like hearing it for the first time."   

Cat. number: SAUNA051
Year: 2019

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