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Sean McCann

As Stupid As A Fish (Book + Tape)

Label: Recital

Format: Book + Tape

Genre: Sound Art

In stock

As Stupid As A Fish is an album/art book documenting Sean McCann's performance, recorded at the Berkeley Art Museum in the Spring of 2019. 166 color pages,  8.5″ x 10″ perfect bound, scented with “Stupid Fish” perfume. Comes with 30-minute cassette of music made for the book. Limited edition of 50 copies,  signed and numbered. A monograph made in the Winter of 2018, with a microscopic camera, paints, pens, and ultra-marine powder. Texts are hung throughout the book; revering dreams of night, sea life, and the fluid of romance.
 Includes an audio-cassette tape that shares the name of the book, holding an augmented live performance by McCann and players Nava Dunkelman, Christina Stanley, and Alex Young. Meant to be a soundtrack to coat the reading experience. A perfume I concocted (seaweed, tobacco, and moss points) scents each book.
Cat. number: RECITAL60
Year: 2019

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