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Graham Lambkin

Came to Call Mine

Label: Penultimate Press

Format: BOOK

In stock


Came to Call Mine is a deluxe new art book by visionary musician artist and writer Graham Lambkin.  Playing out like a children's book for adults 'Came to Call Mine' features 50 all new colour illustrations coupled with corresponding texts.  Over a year in the making these works are intrinsically detailed forays on the pencil-to-paper, mind-to-hand alliance.  With only residual traces of human activity we explore a world of noxious environments; a nuclear windstorm singalong of joyous mutations rollicking in the fairytale of survival. Exploding on the eye and ravaging the mind Came to Call Mine is a lavish large scale litho-print softcover book executed on high quality stock which stands as the most exhaustive collection of Lambkin's artistic aesthetic to date.


Cat. number: none
Year: 2014

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