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Circular Movements (10")
€ 15.90
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maulex - Circular Movements (10


Circular Movements (10")

€ 15.90

GENRE: Sound Art | FORMAT: 10" | CATALOG N. BIN 00-34 | YEAR. (2019)

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**50 copies, white marbled vinyl** Maulex (moniker of René Middelhede) tiny re-edition of his “Circular Movements” focused on alternative use of record players. "With this project, I have focused on alternative use of record players and the aesthetic errors that follow. The shape of the circle has been my compositional starting point. Musically, all the content on this record is produced by alternative use of record players, but without any use of vinyl records. In addition to the record players the works / compositions / sounds are all created with everything from homebuilt spring reverbs, to disc towers with diverse objects attached (disc rotates – objects strikes – their circular journey is picked up by piezodiscs (microphones) – and a sequencer-like function is born).
The timbres are brought out by the phenomena of acoustic resonance, meaning an object’s vibration at a specific frequency will be amplified by interacting with the sound of another object vibrating at the same frequency. The movement and drifting patterns in the compositions are generated with the method mentioned above.
Compositionally the philosophy behind the project is a 'state of stagnation'. That is, the compositions all focus on circles (rotating plates) and their subtle inaccuracy in relation to each other. As the title Circular Movements indicate, the shape of circles can always be found in the case of repetitive movements. Circles that drift in and out of each other, while textures and timbres slowly appear in the landscape. Microscopic changes in this progressing microcosm causes subtle movements, audible for those who care to listen..." - René Middelhede

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Each side ends in a locked groove. Comes in recycled 78rpm sleeve. Limited editon of 50 copies.
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