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Sun Ra

Artyard In A Box

Label: Art Yard

Format: 7CD Box

Genre: Jazz

Out of stock

2019 Restock, reduced price. Those looking for a comprehensive overview of Sun Ra’s celestial magic could do far worse than acquire a copy of ‘Artyard in a Box’, a collection of nine classic long players from the Sun Ra archive set across seven CDs. ‘Disco 3000’, ‘Sleeping Beauty’, ‘On Jupiter’, ‘Beyond the Purple Star Zone’, ‘Oblique Parallax’, ‘Horizon’, ‘Nidhamu’, ‘Dark Myth Equation Visitation’ and ‘The Antique Blacks’ all appear, spanning the more soulful and spiritual manifestations of his work such as on ‘The Antique Blacks’, to the some of the more abstract and ambitious such as the avant-garde ‘Nidhamu’, and everything in between. Whatever the essence of Sun Ra’s artistry, each and every album is a musical epiphany of the highest order.


Cat. number: SUNRERBOX
Year: 2016

ltd 500 copies, numbered

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