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Sun Ra

Wake Up Angels

Label: Art Yard

Format: CDx2

Genre: Jazz

In stock


Live recordings from Sun Ra Solar-Myth and Intergalactic Arkestras performing live at the Ann Arbor Blues & Jazz Festival from 1972-74, well-recorded and great performances in this first issue of these great concerts.  
"Recorded live at the Ann Arbor Blues And Jazz Festival 1972-73-74. The classic big band with a full complement of singers, Tracks 1 -10 (1972) feature the great "Space is the Place Suite". After the first few minutes the sound is surprisingly good with great drums throughout; crystal clear. Presence and excitement are well captured, along with some blistering Ra electronics and the crowd cheering everyone on. A bass solo even: rare event. Tracks 11 - 18 (1973) roll straight on winding up with the long declamatory, dramaturgical, chant that gives this set its title and, so far as I know, appears here for the first time on any LP or CD."-ReR USA/Art Yard

Cat. number: ART YARD CD 012
Year: 2012

Comes in gatefold digipack. Mastered at Technology Works

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