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Cocoon - Excerpt 1
Cocoon - Excerpt 2

Rod Modell, Marit Wolters

Cocoon (CD + 8" Booklet)

Label: 13

Format: CD + Booklet

Genre: Sound Art

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* Edition of 300. CD + 8" 24-page booklet + poster * Marit Wolters is a Viennese artist who creates sculptures that speak. They generate their own world of micro-sounds. Rod Modell is a sound designer operating primarily from Detroit (with an EU home-base in Amsterdam). Here, he moulded the sounds of Marit's works in the same way that she works her materials, creating a generative soundscape designed for museum playback during Marit’s exhibitions, constructed with sounds of Marit’s sculptures, drones, field recordings, and cosmic sounds.

The result of this collaboration is Cocoon, a 74 minute CD of music by Rod and Marit, with a 24-page 8" square booklet featuring Marit’s work. The package also Includes a poster that reproduces the original playbill from the debut exhibition of Cocoon in Linz, Austria.


"It takes adaptation to begin this journey. We need to increase our perceptual sensors by adapting the transmission of touch to the apparently inert matter. Sight too must increase its visionary capacity, and hearing has the obligation to pick up even the most microscopic movement. Gradually, we levitate upon appearing in front of the substance.

As protected in a transparent cocoon that allows contact, we penetrate through the undefined throbbing of a heart that is constantly springing into action, witness to a life that uses field recordings capable of recalling past glitches. Absorbed in the liquidity of sound we slowly immerse ourselves in the majesty of the deep dronic breath, driven by the power of the ambient wave that iterates its eternal oscillation.

We are in, here where everything is an unlimited reverberation, almost a song of seductive ethereal substance." - "The Ethereal Substance of Matter" by Mirco Salvadori

Cat. number: sps2037
Year: 2020

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