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Best of 2017
Best of 2017

M. Zalla, Piero Umiliani

Continente Nero + Africa (2Lp bundle)

Label: Dagored

Format: 2Lp bundle

Genre: Library/Soundtracks

Out of stock

**very last copies around** This is a dream come true. First time available since their original release, remastered sound, 500 copies only for these two Piero Umiliani gems exploring not only the traditional African music but also several other musical branches (jazz, funk....), with raw percussions, marimbas and a sunny vibe overall. The two albums sound like a spooky documentary that invites you to an unforgetable adventure: the music is completely wonderful throughout, and a great mix of everything that makes Umiliani so tremendous! Keep in mind the release year, January 1972, before approaching the matter covered in this precious jewel: the black rhythm of the incredible Africa-To-Day, the “fourth world” Jon Hassell-style of Green Dawn, the “exotic” touch à la Martin Denny (Lonely Village, Echos), the Sortilège’s reference to the electronic new wave (really!), the folk influence (Rite, Folk-tune). With many years in advance, Umiliani synthesizes in Africa sounds and styles that will make then the fortune of well-celebrated and famous artists.The African continent rebuilt in ‘microsolchi’ by maestro Umiliani in 1975 is therefore a projection, an image that is influenced strongly by the affairs of overseas colleagues. All those artists from Duke Ellington to the Art Ensemble of Chicago, through Max Roach, who have been fundamental in the genesis of African-American culture(...) Over 40 years since its conception, it is a remarkable, pioneering work, a place of hypotheses and happy intuitions
from the liner notes curated by Luca Collepiccolo and Stefano Gilardino

Cat. number: RED312-13
Year: 2017

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