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Die Tödliche Doris

Das Typische Ding - Reenactment I (LP Box)

Label: Major Label

Format: LP Box

Genre: Sound Art

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Edition of 400 copies. LP box with 31 sound recordings of dildos and vibrators - A noble, stamped and numbered binder made of bookcardboard with 31 illustrations by Tabea Blumenschein and 31 reviews by Katrin Kämpf on natural paper - Infotext by Wolfgang Müller in German and English. Die Tödliche Doris are back, no kiddin': in the sound spectrum of thirty-one contemporary dildos and vibrators, we are residing in 2019 with a resurrection of The Deadly Doris. She now appears to us as a performer, musician and instrument in one. Doris has never been that close to us. Tabea Blumenschein, a band member of the first hour, made illustrations of all 31 dildos and vibrators. In the Neuköllner recording studio of Frieder Butzmann cultural scientist Katrin Kämpf put the devices into operational and receptive readiness. Her reviews from the magazine L_Mag can be found in the original German version and translated by Anne Gaschütz on the backs of the corresponding portraits.
Wolfgang Müller wonders: What exactly was that, the typical thing? A female breast, an oddly shaped phallus or clitoris? Was it a dildo design? Or just a normal penis with supporting spines inside?

Wolfgang Müller founded Die Tödliche Doris in 1980, presenting the public persona of Doris as a constantly shifting entity that deliberately engaged the contradictions of the human condition. The band often referenced themselves in the third person singular, alluding to Doris as a fully-formed female character with explosive, colorful emotions

"I was trying to think of some music that was equally as genuinely "weird" as The Lemon Kittens and Karl Blake. Basically, the only members on this list were The early Residents, Captain Beefheart's Trout Mask era (Too Popular these days?), Sun Ra, maybe Coil (?), and....ahh!.... Die Tödliche Doris! This stuff easily passes the famous Clearing the Pub test, hitherto known as "Wyatting".(The verb "Wyatting" appeared in some blogs and music magazines to describe the practice of playing unusual tracks on a pub jukebox to annoy the other pub goers;obviously inspired by the solo work of Robert Wyatt.) Karl Blake may have mastered the odd logic of dreams, but The Deadly Doris (Englische version), have mastered the illogic of a very creepy dream experienced under the influence of half a litre of out of date "Night Nurse". Full of everything you need; desperate screamed German! Scraping violin strings! Incompetant childlike drumming! And no recognisable reference to modern pop culture. This music is like a Primal Scream from a long forgotten prison cell; which I suppose West Berlin was a large version of when these nutters were active. Unhinged genius!!" Die or DIY

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Year: 2019