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Deep Shit - The Drop - excerpt 1
Deep Shit - The Drop - excerpt 2

The Idealist

Deep Shit / The Drop (7")

Label: Ideal Recordings

Format: Vinyl 7"

Genre: Electronic

Out of stock

**200 copies, white vinyl** "A killer 45 of pure, blunt, steppers dub-noise force from Joachim Nordwall aka The Idealist, big recommendation if you are into Muslimgauze, Pan Sonic, Alva Noto...
Faithfully brought to life with mastering by Jack Callahan ov Sunburned Hand of the Man and Bánh Mì Verlag esteem, The Idealist’s second 7" sees him knuckle out two minimalist, monotonic steppers that fall in the gulf between dub, noise and Pan Sonic-like techno purism. The trudging swang of Deep Shit is mounted on an off-centre, bass-driven pivot punctuated with deep fried claps and hissing hi-hats in a tracky style like Ilpo Väisänen’s Kangaroo 10"s reworked by Omar-S. Its B-side then helms harder to a full sunken kick / sub-bass ballast,. but held in balance with stressed electronic distortion and vaporous tones that get right up the nose.
Deadly gear mastered for optimal, physical effect on big soundsystems.

Cat. number: iDEAL194
Year: 2019