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File under: KrautCosmic

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The infamoust list of musicians and bands that accompanied the first album by Nurse With Wound

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Xhol Caravan

Electrip (Cd)

Label: Garden Of Delights

Format: CD

Genre: Psych

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"Psychedelic music from Wisbaden, with some jazz elements. Recorded in 1969. After the Germanofon bootleg, here is the legal re-release with a 32 page color booklet and their two 7" tracks as a bonus." First legit CD reissue of the legendary first Xhol album, first issued on Hansa in 1969. This was their first of 3 albums, Hau-Ruk and Motherfuckers GmbH & Co. would follow on the OHR label in '71/'72, concluding one of the strangest chapters in the Krautrock scene of this period. Electrip has freak-out characteristics, some Canterbury-esque vibes and stoned-progressive moves throughout long instrumental passages. The first mysterious record by this band who would always leave a trail of confusion. From Crack In The Cosmic Egg: "Electrip was one hell of a remarkable album, especially for the 60s, an electric sax and organ fronted fusion with a great deal of invention and energy, hinting at later records by Nosferatu, Faust, et al. Remarkable throughout!"

File under: KrautCosmic
Cat. number: GOD 045CD
Year: 2016

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