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Taylor Deupree


Label: 12K

Format: CDbox

Genre: Electronic

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The Deluxe Edition comes in a boxed set containing 12 photographs Deupree took with a plastic, hand-built 35mm camera, the Faint CD and a bonus CD containing "Thaw (Reprise)," an extended 38-minute version of "Thaw" which will only be available on this CD (not sold digitally)." (label info)

*Limited Edition Of 500 - a boxset with 10 art prints of photos taken on a homebuilt 35mm camera, together with a bonus disc version of album track 'Thaw'* The album itself is themed around those blissful, fleeting moments between waking and sleep, and vice versa, that point where the sub-conscious kicks in after a couple of hypnagogic jerks and we begin to seep between one reality and another. This deluxe edition revolves around five extended pieces on the main disc: from the cottony friction of 'Negative Snow' melting to the ringing resonance of air cushioned keys and acousmatic crackle on 'Dreams Of Stairs', through the perpetually receding, beautifully intangible atmospheres of 'Thaw' to 'Shutter''s placid, poised stillness and the ultra slow-motion exposure of 'Sundown'. The album's crux piece 'Thaw' is singled out for further work on the bonus disc, expanding its cirrus-wisp harmonic overtones and heating system ambience to nearly 40 minutes of unbroken, soporific drift. (Boomkat)

Cat. number: 12K2025
Year: 2012

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