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Taylor Deupree, Marcus Fischer

In a place of graceful shapes

Label: 12K

Format: Vinyl 7

Genre: Electronic

Out of stock

In September, 2011, 12k released the boxed set by Taylor Deupree and Marcus Fischer titledIn A Place of Such Graceful Shapes containing a CD, a booklet of photographs and a clear-vinyl 7”— all carefully designed and integrated. All 500 copies of this box sold out by the beginning of 2012. As a special release to be debuted at the duo’s live performance at the Salvage Vanguard Theatre in Austin, Texas on April 15th, the artists have utilized a limited pressing of unlabeled white-vinyl 7”s and made a new, equally beautiful, release for this project about landscape, texture, and sound. In A Place of Such Graceful Shapes (Edition) comes packaged in heavyweight folded package housing the white 7” and a download coupon for the full-length project that existed on the original CD. Limited to only 250 copies this is a beautiful object for the first-time listener or for the collector fortunate enough to have a copy of the original box.

Cat. number: 12k2023
Year: 2012