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    Taylor Deupree


    Label: 12K

    Format: CD

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    12k mastermind Taylor Deupree presents his sole solo output for 2012. His lushly realised 'Faint' is themed around those blissful, fleeting moments between waking and sleep, and vice versa, that point where the sub-conscious kicks in after a couple of hypnagogic jerks and we begin to seep between one reality and another. It break down to five extended and beautiful pieces: from the cottony friction of 'Negative Snow', melting to the ringing resonance of air cushioned keys and acousmatic crackle on 'Dreams Of Stairs', through the perpetually receding, beautifully intangible atmospheres of 'Thaw' to 'Shutter''s placid, poised stillness and the ultra slow-motion exposure of 'Sundown' in just under 54 minutes. Really lovely stuff.  (Boomkat)
    Cat. number: 12K2025 CD
    Year: 2012
    Genre: Electronic