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Corrected Slogans - excerpt 1
Corrected Slogans - excerpt 2
Corrected Slogans - excerpt 3

Art & Language , Red Crayola

Corrected Slogans (Lp)

Label: Drag City

Format: LP

Genre: Sound Art

In stock

 Corrected Slogans was first pressed by Art & Language and The Red Crayola in 1976; it was the first mention of the The Red Crayola's name on LP since 1968. The only review it received at the time was by Glenn O'Brian in Interview magazine; his response was a positive one, though he found the material ironic. By the time the album was made available to the public, it was clear that The Red Crayola would continue with Jesse Chamberlain joining Mayo Thompson. This was the start of five years of steady activity. Corrected Slogans was repressed on the UK label Recommended Records in 1981.
Cat. number: DC 096LP
Year: 2018

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