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franco battiato

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franco battiato - Foetus

franco battiato


€ 21.00

GENRE: Rock | FORMAT: Vinyl LP | CATALOG N. VM LP 065 | YEAR. (2013)

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An internationally known artist, Franco Battiato has been everything in his long career, from beat singer to avantgarde performer, producer, contemporary music composer.
His beginnings lay in the mid 60's, with many singles released with no particular success, the first two under his real name of Francesco. He had left the native Sicily (he was born in Jonia, near Catania in 1945) moving to Milan around 1965.
Fetus, housed in a outrageous cover (reproducing a foetus) was definitely a prog album, but a very original one, with a minimalist sound mainly based on the use of a VCS3 synth, unusual lyrics, complex arrangements. Two tracks, Energia and Una cellula were also released as single.

Produced by Pino Massara in the '70s, "Foetus" (English version of the Fetus LP) remained unreleased until 1999, when Vinyl Magic finally released it on CD (VM CD 065).
This little gem of Italian progressive music is now reissued in its most suitable format, as a black 180gr. vinyl enclosed in a beautiful metallic laminated cover.

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