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Astral Social Club

Fountain Transmitter Meditations

Label: VHF Records

Format: LP+CD

Genre: Electronic

In stock


Boggling and super-fun 100+ minutes from Neil Campbell's Astral Social Club, bringing you the head-on collision of classic UK electronic styles, electric grit, and THE FUTURE. The LP starts with a side of tight chuggers, the high-end racket of “Infinity Thug” ripping through the speakers as you make your way to the end of the side with the loping “Grisly Terroir.” Side 2 is the 20 minute epic “Diamonds in the Dreich,” a mid-tempo journey of Throbbing Gristle-ish lurch-pulse and disembodied voices, giving way after 10 mins to an organ-interlude which accelerates into a full-on rock jam loaded with scathing guitar slashing. Unlike anything else in the ASC catalog. The CD (“Side 3”) is 3 lengthy explorations of key facets of the overall Astral Social concept, where Neil really stretches out and lets the tape run – the rushing sound effects and buried rock of “Sun Still God”; the bristling electric juddering of “Erotic Meditation”; and the blown-out space-rock of “Squeegee Anthem #3.” Cut by Golden, pressed in California by RTI. Includes download card.

Cat. number: VHF 136
Year: 2014

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