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    Astral Social Club

    Astral Social Club

    Label: VHF Records

    Format: CD

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    With this release the VHF catalog moves into triple digit territory and the label is celebrating with the first official album by Neil Campbell's (Vibracathedral Orchestra) genre-destroying Astral Social Club unit. Following a series of instantly sold-out limited edition CDRs, Campbell agreed to select, edit and remix a collection of tracks for wider release from the group's rather exclusive catalog. VHF100 is a dense mega-mix of continually peaking sound-flow. Working a tricky hybrid ground between contemporary UK teams like Sunroof! and Vibracathedral Orchestra, and the influence of Kompakt-style pulsating electronic "techno," Astral Social Club's music shimmers and throbs in a truly psychedelic manner. Campbell and Tirath Singh Nirmala have radically re-worked these tracks to be unrecognizable from their original CDR issues, but they are instantly recognizable as part of the unrelenting Astral Social Club rainbow stream.
    Cat. number: VHF100
    Year: 2006
    Genre: Electronic