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Free Percussion - excerpt 1
Free Percussion - excerpt 2
Free Percussion - excerpt 3
Free Percussion - excerpt 4
Free Percussion - excerpt 5


Free Percussion

Label: Tsss Tapes

Format: TAPE

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**100 copies** Tsss Tapes is a new tape label from Italy and this is their first release. Snares, bells, sticks, cymbals, pinecones, rattles, brushes, bass drums, mallets and other objects that make a sound if you hit them, stroke them, let them bounce. A compilation of improvisations by twelve percussionists from different parts of the world mastered by Nacho García.


Includes tracks by Claire Rousay, Rie Nakajima, Chris Dadge, Håkon Berre, Ted Byrnes, Tim Daisy, Will Guthrie, Simon Camatta, Kevin Corcoran, Skyler Rowe, Francesco Covarino, and João Lobo.

Cat. number: tst001
Year: 2019
Genre: Jazz