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Paolo Nicolò Ferraguti


Label: Private

Format: BOOK + CD

Genre: Sound Art

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Ghenesi is a cosmogony work that describes the birth of the Universe. Conceived as a dynamic object, moving and symbolic, this edition, 150 copies, is a collection of texts, images and music, divided into twenty-two parts. The cover is made of two hexagrams from the Book of Changes or I Ching, gives Zhuang, Great Strength, and Dun, the Retreat. Enclosed by two black pages are nineteen images with the cosmogony poem.

The CD that accompanies this book contains the soundtrack of Ghenesi. Only one track (32 minutes), composed entirely of metallic sounds and resonances, obtained by bells, gongs and bowls made of an ancient bronze alloy.
Inside the packaging there are three amulets (Bullas) for peace (chinese pawn), for luck (red cotton thread) and money (an old coin).

Cat. number: -
Year: 2011

CD + Book, ltd 150 copies

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