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Andrea Neumann - Bonnie Jones

Green Just As I Could See

Label: Erstwhile Records

Format: CD

Genre: Jazz

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Four extended electroacoustic works from Berlin's inside pianist and mixing board artist Andrea Neumann and Baltimore's Bonnie Jones on electronics, minimal and edgy pieces of unusual and absorbing character.

"ANDREA NEUMANN (b. 1968, Freiburg) studied piano at the Hochschule der Kunste in Berlin. Since 1996 she has been primarily active as improviser and composer in the areas of experimental and new music. In the process of exploring the piano for new sound possibilities, she has reduced the instrument to strings, resonance board and metal frame. With the help of electronics to manipulate and amplify the sounds, she has developed numerous new playing techniques, sounds, and ways of preparing the dismantled instrument, which she calls the "inside-out piano." Neumann has released recordings on Erstwhile, Sedimental, Rossbin, Charhizma, Zarek, and the Japan Improv label. Since 2000, she has co-organized "Labor Sonor," a series for experimental music, film and performance in Berlin. This is her second appearance at Non-Event."

"BONNIE JONES (b. 1977, Seoul), lives in Baltimore, MD. Bonnie Jones is a Korean-American interdisciplinary artist working primarily with sound and text. As a composer and improviser she re-purposes digital delay pedals as circuit-bent electronic instruments, directly playing the exposed circuit boards with instrument cables to produce raw and often chaotic electronic sound. Her sound palette challenges the accepted languages of contemporary music as well as the conventional modes of playing associated with electronic musicians. Jones' multimedia performance works use projected text and live writing to improvise with musicians, video artists, dancers, and other writers. The work draws on her background as a poet and explores a form of writing "off-the-page" that directly interacts with the audience and other collaborators."

Cat. number: erstwhile 065
Year: 2012

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