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More Modern At The German Jazz Festival 1966

Label: Be! Jazz

Format: LPx2

Genre: Jazz

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An incredible meeting of talents – both American and European jazz musicians coming together at a festival that must have been one hell of a event – certainly more exciting than just about any jazz festival we've ever attended in our lifetime! Unlike other festival recordings, this isn't just any sort of rehash of standards, done by all-star groups – and instead showcases some of the best modern jazz talents on both sides of the Atlantic in the mid 60s – all trying to outdo each other with their sense of originality and creativity – stretching out on material that definitely equals their studio recordings of the time, and which may well even show them in a more adventurous mode! The recording quality is excellent – and both the sharpness of the music and the presentation recall some of the best early MPS/Saba Records material of the 60s – which is where we'd definitely rank these gems. This second volume features the tracks "Automatically" and "Zwei Stucke" by Charles Lloyd, "Floater" and "Sculpture" by Irene Schweizer, "Modul" and "Sonny's Samba" by Gunther Hampel, "Elephantasy" and "Zugabe Bonus" by Don Cherry, "One Base Hit" and "Four Brothers" by Les Double Six, and "Picture" and "Nana Imboro" by a quartet that features drummer Klaus Weiss and vibist Claudio Szenkar.

Cat. number: Be! Jazz 6088/89
Year: 2016

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