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Asmus Tietchens


Label: Line

Format: CD

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The latest in Asmus Tietchens ongoing Mengen series, this album maintains the bold adventurousness and strict minimalism of previous recordings whilst suggesting some sense of evolution along the way. The series was initiated as an exercise in composition based exclusively around spatial manipulations of white noise and sine tones, but this instalment seems to hint at a heightened level of sonic richness and diversity than that policy could ever reasonably hope to accommodate. Some of the pieces on this disc are suggestive of physical sound, with a clearly defined spatial presence, and in the case of 'Teilmenge 44A' you hear a kind of watery clamour taking over in the final third. As with so much of Tietchens' work, this references the old alongside the new, incorporating vintage electronic music's aesthetics into modern microsound composition, melding reductive drones and primordial modulation techniques into a singular vision. Irrespective of where these sounds come from, you'd have to acknowledge Tietchens as a true craftsman of the genre, not to mention one of the most distinctive voices operating at the extremes of electronic music.
Cat. number: LINE_033
Year: 2008
Genre: Electronic