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Philip Sulidae

History of violence

Label: Unfathomless

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

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Sounds were recorded in the Belanglo State Forest, 150 kilometres to the south of Sydney, Australia. Its quiet solitude and isolation contrasts dramatically with its turbulent and macabre history Ð the scene for a series of horrific murders in the early 90's at the hands of one of Australia's most notorious serial killers. I choose Belanglo as a location due to my own somewhat morbid fascination with its history, but also due to its virtually indistinct organic character. It is essentially a forest like any other area of bush along the eastern seaboard of Australia; however its latent and almost dormant sensation is unlike any other. I find this contrast very interesting, as it plays deeply into people's subjective understanding this understanding of Belanglo is, I believe, largely shaped and divided by our external perceptions of its history, and the innate, immediate impact of its environment. During recording, the sounds, timbres and sonic characteristics were very comparable Ð similar areas, environments, topography. This allowed me some latitude and gestural flexibility in composing, as I could play with the ideas and observations that lay behind the forest and its history. In effect I could try and create a sonic environment that would replicate the contrasting and distinct perceptions of Belanglo. Our ideas of place and the constructs behind them generate a fertile ground for creativity and composition. (philip sulidae, February 2014)

Cat. number: U19
Year: 2014

All source material recorded by Philip Sulidae in 2012. All processing and editing by Philip Sulidae. Track 6 contains a recording adapted from Albert Balbastre. Location : Belanglo State Forest, Australia 

Limited edition of 200 hand-numbered copies. All include an additional art card on 300gr matt-coated satin-paper. Packaged in clear vinyl sleeve with folded insert.

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